Armoured Toyota LC70 Petrol

Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Station Wagon, Petrol
Indicative Price 138,039.00 USD
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General Description
Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Station Wagon, Petrol

Technical Specifications

Base Vehicle Specifications
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series, 4x4
Left Hand Drive/Right Hand Drive
4.0L 6 cylinder Petrol Engine
White Paint

Armouring Specifications
Armouring includes
·Armour plating incl. ballistic overlap and splash returns
·Armoured glass
·Ballistic Protection
·Fragmentation Protection
·Floor protection
·Side blast protection
·Roof protection
·Protection of fuel tank
·Reinforced door support structure and heavy duty hinges
·Upgraded suspension system
·Runflat inserts on all wheels, 50km @ 50km/hr
·Protection of batteries

Main Standard Equipment
Air conditioner, Radio AM/FM w/CD, First aid kit, Tool kit, Vehicle jack, Warning triangle, Spare wheel incl. runflat insert, User manual.

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