Rapid emergency response

A core UNICEF commitment in emergencies is to provide essential supplies to children and their families.

UNICEF has developed an emergency response strategy to support its Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action (CCCs). The strategy is based on a rapid response preparedness level for 250,000 people for the period of three months and facilitates a timely, appropriate and cost-effective supply response. Emergency supplies can be packed and shipped from UNICEF warehouses or directly from suppliers and partners within 72 hours of receiving an order.

UNICEF has consolidated the most critical supplies into the Emergency Supply List (ESL). However, the ESL is not exhaustive, and other items can be ordered. Conversely, emergency items can also be ordered for non-emergency situations.

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Cervical Cancer Toolkit

UNICEF procurement provides access to a full range of products for cervical cancer programmes. HPV vaccines, diagnostics for HPV and cervical cancer, and portable devices for cervical pre-cancer treatment are available.

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Link to Digital WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (eEML)

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Inclusive Adolescent programming in WASH, Education, Health, Nutrition and Vaccine especially in conflict and disaster situation, will provide opportunities ... (more)


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