Essential commodities with a strategic focus

UNICEF has classified supply items that have the greatest impact on child survival and development as essential commodities. In general, essential commodities refer to vaccines, injection devices, essential medicines, micronutrients, bed nets, shelter, school supplies, and water and sanitation equipment.

Some of these commodities are easily available in the global market, but others have limited availability or are unaffordable. UNICEF focuses on overcoming market constraints on selected essential commodities and works with partners to build a diverse supplier base. The goal is to ensure that children have access to competitively-priced life-saving supplies at the right quantity and quality. Supply items with this strategic focus are classified as strategic essential commodities.

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Cervical Cancer Toolkit

UNICEF procurement provides access to a full range of products for cervical cancer programmes. HPV vaccines, diagnostics for HPV and cervical cancer, and portable devices for cervical pre-cancer treatment are available.

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Link to Digital WHO Model List of Essential Medicines (eEML)

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Inclusive Adolescent programming in WASH, Education, Health, Nutrition and Vaccine especially in conflict and disaster situation, will provide opportunities ... (more)


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