Adult,lumbar puncture trainer

Adult, lumbar puncture trainer
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General description:
Adult, lumbar puncture trainer

Technical specifications:
Epidural and spinal injection simulator to perform both lumbar puncture and epidural procedures.
Lower torso segment with multilayer lumbar puncture inserts
Can be positioned in both the upright and lateral decubitus positions for various training scenarios
Realistic tactile feedback, epidural space, dura, subarachnoid space with fluid supply system
Reliable palpable anatomical landmarks (iliac crests and spinous processes L3/L4 or L4/L5) for orientation of user to access points
Needle insertion possible between vertebrae to the epidural space for injection of local anaesthetic or access into the subarachnoid space to perform a ‘spinal tap’
Realistic tissue response including loss of resistance when entering the epidural space
For training in aseptic techniques at puncture site
Durable, easy to clean and maintain

Packaging and labelling:
Primary packaging: Unit of use
One (1) in a box, with Manufacturer's instruction for use, spare parts and accessories.

Supplied with:
1x base body
1x vertebral bar
1x LOR insert (loss-of-resistance)
1x skin
1x spinal canal with connector
1x water collection container
1x10 cm tube
2x 100 ml injections with cap
1x spacer ring for injection
1x extension tube for the hanging-drop technique
1x CD with instructions
1x carry bag

Estimated Weight: 6 kg
Estimated Volume: 0.1 m3

Instructions for use:
Adult, lumbar puncture trainer to perform both lumbar puncture and epidural procedures.

Shelf life: No

Storage instructions:
Do not expose the item to extreme variations in temperature and to direct sunlight. Store in cool dry place.

Weight and volume
Weight: 6kg
Volume: 0.1cmb
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