Female pelvis model

Female pelvis model
Indicative Price 725.45 USD

General description
Life size female pelvis model for vocational training of health care professionals.

Technical specification
Anatomically and tactilely accurate representation of female torso with reproductive organs, used for examination of normal, as well as abnormal or symptomatic pelvis and diagnostication of various gynecological pathologies, such as pre-cancer, cancer, anatomical abnormalities, ectopic fetation.

Consists of: female torso with abdomen, pelvis, outer genitalia and accesories: 5 months gravid uterus, normal and pathological cervices and uterus (normal and pathological) with fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Available in 3 different race models: Caucasian, Asian or African.

Material: Poly Vinyl Chloride

Supplied with:
Set of accessories as above
Instruction manual
Carrying bag

Each Unit is packed in a carton box

Labeled with Name and address of the manufacturer, product reference, type of product and main characteristics, batch number, storage conditions, handling instructions or equivalent harmonized symbols.

Waranty: 2 years

Shelf life: N/A
Storage instructions: Keep in a cool dry place below 30 degrees celcius

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