Newborn basic care trainer, light

Newborn basic care trainer, light
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General description:
Newborn simulator to facilitate learning basic newborn care, including cord cutting; light skin complexion

Technical specifications:
Full term anatomically accurate newborn with umbilical cord.
Texture of the simulator: soft and smooth, friction free to demonstrate the desired procedures. Realistically sculpted to resemble and simulatea baby, anatomically accurate and feeling smooth / resilient / bony as relevant and suitable for simulation.
Material of the simulator: Thermoplastic polyurethane - TPU (primary material for body skin), Polyvinylchloride - PVC (primary material in chest and face skin) silicone rubber, Polyoxymethylene - POM, polypropylene - PP, and iron/steel.

Environmental conditions:
Storage conditions: -10°C to +50°C / 5-95% RH. (Short term for upper temperature limit - 2 weeks)
Operating conditions:
Operating temperature: +15°C to +40°C
Operating humidity: 5 to 95% RH

Supplied with:
- 2 sheets for drying and wrapping a newborn.
- 1 head cap
- 1 umbilical cord, that can be cut and attached several times fordemonstration purposes
- 2 umbilical ties
- Shoulder bag for transport/storage
- Instructions for use in English, French and Spanish, includingpictographs;

Weight and volume:
Gross weight per unit: 0.85 kg
Volume per unit: 0.003 cbm
Unit qty in one carton: 10 pieces
Gross weight per carton: 9 kg
Volume per carton: 0.058 cbm
Carton size: 0.42 x 0.32 x 0.43 m

Instruction for use:
Dos and Dont’s, instructions manual, including maintenance guide andinstructions on how to set up, store, clean and maintain equipment afteruse.
Detailed technical instructions and other relevant training materialsproduced as a manual, computer based training and DVD on how to use thedemonstration model.
Languages: Instruction materials produced in a variety of languages (see above)

Two years.
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