Reagents f. S0000226 Vit A/Oil,PAC-100**

Kit with reaction vial, syringe and needle, used for measurement withportable photometer S0000226 to determine vitamin A content in refinededible oils, pack of 100
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General Description
Kit with reaction vial, syringe and needle, used for the measurement with portable photometer S0000226 to determine quantity of vitamin A content in vegetable oil, pack of 100
Supplier Product reference: X008 – BioAnalyt, for iCheck Croma 3


Technical Specifications
Each reaction vial contains 2 ml of reagents, developed to determine quantity of vitamin A in sample.

Composition of reagent:

Supplied as set containing:
100 x Reagent vial
100 x Single use syringe, 1ml
100 x Hypodermic needle, 21G

Number of measurements: 100

Standard shelf life
15 months

Storage conditions
Do not store above 30ºC
Excursions during transport are tolerated.
For measurement, the device and vials need to be at a temperature between 20-30 C° to ensure accurate results.

Transport Information
** Hazardous items
This reagent set contains chemicals in limited quantities classified as being hazardous (Danger class 8: corrosive).
Special handling will be taken care off by supplier and freight forwarder.

Transport as per Material Safety Data Sheet
In accordance with UN shipping name
UN number: 2922
Danger Class: 8
Pack Grp: II

For further information please refer to UNICEF Supply Division Technical Bulletin No. 18 Portable Equipment for Quantitative Analysis of Vitamins and Minerals in Fortified Foods

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