F-100 Therap.milk CAN 800g/CAR-6

Each canister contains 800g of F-100 Therapeutic milk diet powder pack of 6 and comes with a scoop. Reconstituted F-100 milk provides an energy density of approximately 100kcal/100ml. It is intended for phase 2 (nutritional rehabilitation) treatment of children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM).
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F-100 Therapeutic milk in a canister of 800g pack of 6.

General Description
F-100 therapeutic milk diet with added vegetable fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It comes as powder packed in a canister to prepare a liquid therapeutic diet with an energy density of approximately 100 kcal/100ml.

Intended Use
The F100 liquid therapeutic milk diet is intended to be used for the second phase (nutritional rehabilitation phase) of treatment of children diagnosed with SAM to achieve rapid weight gain. The specified quantity of powdered therapeutic diet is mixed with the specified quantity of boiled and cooled down to not below 70°C water to obtain defined quantity of liquid therapeutic diet with an energy density of approximately 100 kcal/100ml. It must be administered under medical supervision.
(WHO. Guideline: Updates on the management of severe acute malnutrition in infants and children. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2013:4)

Target Population:
Children diagnosed with SAM, in the rehabilitation phase of the treatment.

Technical Specifications
General description:
Milk based white or pale yellowish fine powder; free from impurities, coloured particles, caking or lumps.
Ingredients: milk powder, refined vegetable oil, sugar, maltodextrin, milk derivatives, emulsifier (eg lecithin) vitamin and mineral premix.

Nutritional Composition per 100 ml
Energy: 100 (95-105) kcal
Protein: 11 (10-12) % of total energy
3 (2.3-3.1g)
Carbohydrate: 36 (28-45) % of total energy
9 (7 - 12) g
Lactose: 4.2g (4 - 4.4g) maximum
Lipids: 53 (45-60 %) of total energy
Lipids: 5.8 (4.9-6.9g)
n-6 fatty acid: 6.5 (3 -10%) of total energy
n-3 fatty acid: 2.8 (0.3- 2.5%) of total energy
Ash: max 4 %
Moisture: max 2.5 %

Minerals per 100ml
Sodium: 55 mg maximum
Potassium: 210-270mg
Calcium: 55-115mg
Phosphorus*: 55-115mg
Magnesium: 15-25mg
Iron: 0.05mg maximum
Zinc: 2.0-3.0mg
Copper: 0.25-0.35mg
Selenium: 3.5-7.7mcg
Iodine: 13-27mcg
*(excluding phytate)

Vitamins per 100ml
Vitamin A: 0.15 - 0.32mg
Vitamin D3: 3.0 - 5.3mcg
Vitamin E: 4 - 6.5mg
Vitamin K: 3 mcg minimum
Thiamine: 0.1mg minimum
Riboflavine: 0.3mg minimum
Ascorbic acid: 9.6mg minimum
Vitamin: B6: 0.1mg minimum
Vitamin: B12: 0.3mcg minimum
Folic acid: 38mcg minimum
Niacin: 1.0mg minimum
Pantothenic acid: 0.6mg minimum
Biotin: 11mcg minimum

Directions for use
Always read the label for instructions for preparation and use on the product label.
Use previously boiled water that is not below 70°C (cooled for not less than 3-5minutes after boiling) to prepare the milk. Cool the prepared milk to feeding temperature before administering. The resulting liquid therapeutic diet contains an energy density of approximately 100kcal/100ml.

Scoop and volume examples:
1 scoop: add 25 ml water to provide approximately 29ml of milk
2 scoops: add 50ml of water to provide approximately 58ml of milk
4 scoops: add 100ml of water to provide approximately 117ml of milk
8 scoops: add 200ml of water to provide approximately 234ml of milk
10 scoops: add 250ml of water to provide approximately 290ml of milk
20 scoops: add 500ml of water to provide approximately 580ml of milk
1 entire canister: add 3700ml of water to provide approximately 4316ml of milk

WARNING: This low iron diet is not suitable for long term feeding of well-nourished children. It is only to be used in accordance with recommendations and supervision of skilled health personnel in hospitals or therapeutic feeding centres. It should never be distributed to families or communities.

Items supplied with:
A blue scoop inside each F 100 CAN.

Items required, but not supplied:
Thermometer, measuring and mixing jug, feeding cup and feeding spoon.

Shelf Life:
Shelf life unopened: 18-24 months from date of manufacture. Storage and transport: Do not store or transport above 30
°C, protect from direct sunlight
Shelf life, opened canister: Use within 4 weeks after opening, keep in original container. Do not store above 30˚C, protect from direct sunlight, protect from moisture
Reconstituted milk should be used within 2 hrs if stored at room temperature or 24 hours if stored in the refrigerator.

Logistics Information:
Material safety data sheet information (MSDS): N/A
Packaging and labeling: preparation instructions included in a leaflet
Weight per CAN: 800g
Gross Weight per carton containing 6 CANS: 6.1 kg
Volume per carton containing 6 CANS: 0.0175 m3

Component of a Kit: no

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