Solar Lighting Kit – for HPT 24 m2

Solar Lighting Kit for 24 M2 High Performance Tent (HPT)
Indicative Price 250.00 USD
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General Description:
Solar Lighting Kit for 24 M2 High Performance Tent

The Solar Lighting kit is compatible with the HPT series tents of all sizes (24/48/72).
It has an easy to use fixation system and the 30/60/90 Wp solar panel configuration can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Technical Specifications:
Solar Panel: 1x 30Wp panels (total 30 Wp), each panel comes with a 6meter cable and mounting arm as per the size of panel
Internal Lights: 2x30 cm Tube lights with light output 1400 lumens
External Lights: 1x15 cm Tube light with light output 200 lumens

Indoor tube lights have separate dimmer control while outdoor tube lights are equipped with on/off control mechanism.

Switches are placed for ease of use, taking into account the needs of people living with mobility impairments and low vision.

User friendly with power saving mode that ensures supply of 3-hour light at low mode.
Phone charging is possible but will reduce the lighting run time.

Built-in pilot lamp for easy location in dark, operated by single button to control pilot lamp and battery status. Battery is easily replaceable with 12.8v/84 Wh.

Expected life span is >3 years or 1500 cycles (LiFePo4).
Kit is equipped with 5 LED indicators for battery life and low power mode.

When fully charged, the power produced allows to simultaneously and for 6 hours minimum, run 2 inside lights of 1400 lumen, one outside light of 200 lumen.

Smart phone Charging: 2xUSB ports (phone pouch and USB charging cables included)
Battery: LifePO4 12.8V/6.6Ah/84Wh

Instructions manual is included as well as available online

Supplied with:
Solar lighting kit box
instruction manual in Arabic, French, and English, with pictures

Packaging and labelling:
The Solar lighting kit is packed in a labelled box, strapped on wooden pallets.
The components are packed in sets each containing PV panel, mounting arm, base units, internal light tubes and external light tube. The kit for the 48m2 HPT consists of 2 sets in 1 box.

Transport and Storage:
The solar lighting kit will be shipped in labelled box with components packed in sets each containing PV panel, mounting arm, base units, internal light tubes and external light tube. The kit for the 48m2 HPT consists of 2 sets in 1 box.

Container loading:
20GP: 256 box/256 kits
40 DC: 576 box/576 kits
40 HC: 648 box/648 kits

Weight and Volume:
Wooden Pallet (loaded with 5 kits):
Size: 110x55x105 cm
Volume: 0.635 cm3
Weight: 145 Kgs

Instruction for use:
Used when tents are intended to be sued for multipurpose accommodation, offices, temporary learning places and dispensaries etc. in remote areas devoid of electrical power

Precondition for utilization:
Complete solar lighting kit packed in labelled box/ strapped on wooden pallet
Instructions manual
Installation of particular size of tent

Alternative if the item is not available:
S0000404 Solar lighting kit for - 48m²
S0000403 Solar lighting kit for - 24m2

Addons to be ordered separately for each size:
The five (5) addons i.e. Winter Liner Kit; Inner liner; Hard flooring; Electrical lighting kit, and Solar lighting kit are Non-Warehouse items. These addons are size specific and only compatible with new tents.

Emergency scenarios
The tent fixed with solar lighting kit is intended to serve as a temporary facility for programme implementation e.g. as temporary learning place for education, child-friendly spaces for child protection, and nutrition facilities for nutrition programme.

Target population:
ECD (early childhood development), school going children, and adolescent

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
In areas where hurricanes may occur the tent with solar lighting kit may get damaged due to strong likelihood of tent collapse.

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Since tent cannot be installed on a sloppy ground and/or in hilly/mountainous regions hence installation of solar lighting kit inside the tent would not be possible.

DISCLAIMER: All five addons can be installed on tents from both suppliers (i.e. NRS & Alpinter) that slightly differ in design, material composition, tent frame structure and installation/dismantling techniques due to manufacturer specificity.
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