Winter liner kit - for HPT 72 m2

Winter Liner Kit for 72 m2 High Performance tent (HPT)
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General Description:
Winter Liner Kit for 72 M2 High Performance Tent

Winter liner with integrated ground and insulating flooring tiles creates a warm and comfortable environment for temporary learning places and child friendly spaces during winter conditions.

Winter liner material is highly breathable with added ventilation grates in gables and along the top of the side walls, It leaves free vestibule space after the tent entry which can be used as storage, changing room and/or waiting area.

Its environmentally friendly, involves low energy production process, fully recyclable and can be disposed of safely by burning or burying when recycling is not possible.

Technical Specifications:
The Winter liner kit contains a felt liner, insulating flooring tiles, fibrocement sheet, fire resistant chimney sleeve, wall patches, and repair kit.

The winter liner (100% polyester non-woven felt fabric) is fire resistant, rot and mildew proof, resistant to commonly used disinfectants and detergents.

It has 2 doors, one at each gable end, 1m wide and 1.9m high, and has a heavy duty, durable block zippers to assure long useability.

The windows correspond with the tent windows and have two layers: a transparent window (fixed) and a cover flap (made of liner material).

The gables in front and back are fitted with inlets ducts both for electrical and for externally placed heating or air conditioning units.

The chimney sleeve of pyramid shape fits on the Velcro installed for the chimney patch. The chimney sleeve forms a draught and water barrier around the chimney pipe. The patch is aligned with the chimney patch of the standard liner.

A reflective wall patch is included to be attached to the inside of the winter liner behind the heating stove to protect the winter liner from the heat and reflect the heat back into the tent.

The patch consists of a non-perforated chimney reinforcement heat resistant fabric (min 900°C) that does not unravel when cut through and is firmly hem stitched to the liner.

A burning stove can be placed at the right back corner of the winter liner for the heating purposes. Fibrocement tiles of 4mm thick (0.5x1m) are used as floor protection under the heating stove.

The winter liner is hung on the frame of the tent along the wall ridges, through a suspension system that is durable, self-explanatory, and easy to use, and ensures that the winter liner keeps its shape and does not sag

Supplied with:
Winter liner with integrated ground sheet
Insulating floor tiles
Fibrocement tiles
Reflective wall patch
Repair Kit
Installation/dismantling/re-packing instruction manual in Arabic, French, and English, with pictures

Packaging and labelling:
The Winter Liner including repair kit (small PE bag) plus Fibrocement sheet, Chimney sleeve, FR wall patches will be packed in a labelled PE carry bag while the insulating flooring tiles will be stacked on pallets.

Transport and Storage:
The winter liner is shipped in labelled PE bags along with insulating floor tiles stacked on the pallets. Airfreight is possible but will be expensive due to its weight and volume.

Container loading:
20 GP: 6 cages+ 18 pallets/18 sets
40 DC/HC: 12 cages+36 pallets/36 sets

Weight and Volume:
Loaded standard steel cage (with 3 liners) + pallet with tiles for 1 liner
Estimated weight: 303/82Kg
Estimated volume: 2.182/0.730 M3

Instruction for use:
Principal use of winter liner in cold region is as a school , child friendly space and dispensary etc. it can also be used as storage/distribution and/or media briefing center.

Precondition for utilization:
Complete set of master bags/ pallets of insulating/fibrocement tiles
Instructions manual
Installation of particular size of tent

Alternative if the item is not available:
S00004010 Winter liner kit for - 48m²
S0000409 Winter liner kit for - 24m2

Addons to be ordered separately for each size:
The five (5) addons i.e. Winter Liner Kit; Inner liner; Hard flooring; Electrical lighting kit, and Solar lighting kit are Non-Warehouse items. These addons are size specific and only compatible with new tents.

Emergency scenarios
The tent with winter liner is intended to serve as a temporary facility for programme implementation e.g. as temporary learning place for education, child-friendly spaces, for child protection, and nutrition facilities for nutrition and/or as a temporary health facility

Target population:
ECD (early childhood development), school going children, and adolescent

Emergency scenarios where the item should not be used:
In areas where hurricanes may occur the liner may get damaged severely. Special measures would be required for the setting out, orientation, anchoring, and/or stabilization of the pegs in such areas.

Other Emergency scenario considerations:
Since tent cannot be installed on a sloppy ground and/or in hilly/mountainous regions therefore installation of winter liner inside the tent would not be possible.

DISCLAIMER: All five addons can be installed on tents from both suppliers (i.e. NRS & Alpinter) that slightly differ in design, material composition, tent frame structure and installation/dismantling techniques due to manufacturer specificity.
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