Cleaner,for HemoCue photometers/PAC-5

Cleaner,for HemoCue photometers/PAC-5
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General Description
Cleaner,for HemoCue photometers/PAC-5

Product Description
Cleaner made of a lint and fibre-free material, highly absorbent.
Moistened with a cleaning solution; a soaked sponge with specific shape, mounted on a plastic holder.
Used to clean the optical lens of a HemoCue photometer series by absorbing dirty, dust or blood stains.
Material: Sponge made of polyvinyl acetate, pre-moistened with a cleaning solution.
Pack of 5 cleaners, each cleaner individually packed in a welded aluminium foil.

Supplier’s product reference: HemoCue Cleaners

Instructions for use
Used with:
S0000591 Photometer,HemoCue Hb 301/SET,
S0000590 Photometer,HemoCue Glucose 201+/SET.

Shelf life:
24 months from date of manufacture.

15 to 30C

Manufacturers recommended waste disposal:

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging
Unit presentation: 1(one) Cleaner,for HemoCue photometers/PAC-5

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 0.05kg
Estimated volume: 0.001m3
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