Chlor.test,DPD Nº3,Photo,tablets/PAC-250

Chlorine test, DPD No.3, for use with Colorimeter/Photometer, pack of 250 tablets.
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General Description:
Chlorine test, DPD No.3, for use with Colorimeter/Photometer, pack of 250 tablets

Technical Specifications:
DPD No. 3 tablets. Photometer grade.
For testing of drinking water for (Combined Chlorine)
as Cl2 for ranges of (0 to 10 mg / litre).
Expected shelf life of 10 years.
Pack of 250 tablets.

The DPD No.3 tablet is used for calculating Combined Chlorine (Mono- and Dichloramines) by adding the DPD No.3 to the water sample with dissolved DPD No.1. The result is Total Chlorine, from which the measured Free Available Chlorine (with the DPD No.1) is deducted to determine the Combined Chlorine result (mg/l).

These (S0000551) tablets are for use with Digital Colorimeter (S000538) and Photometers.

Though these tablets can also be used with Visual Block and Disc Comparators (need to be crushed), kindly note that for more appropriate use/handling it is recommended to use DPD No. 3 rapid dissolving tablets for the simple visual colorimetric tests, see S0000559.

Estimated weight: 65g
Estimated volume: 120ccm

Instructions for use:
The tablets are used for testing for Combined Chlorine in drinking water using a colorimeter, photometer or disc Comparator.
This reagent is also available in powdered form packed in pillows (sachets) and as strips packed in bottles.
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