Microcuvette,for Glucose 201+/BOX-100

Microcuvette, for glucose photometer 201+, box/100
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General Description
Microcuvette, for glucose photometer 201+, box/100

Product Description
Single-use, sample collection and measuring microcuvette.
Collects 5 to 10uL capillary whole blood directly from the skin surface by capillarity.
Capillary, venous and arterial whole blood can be used.

Inserted for direct reading into S0000590, Photometer,HemoCue glucose 201+/set.
Supplied with instruction manual in English, French, Spanish.
Box of 100 microcuvettes , in plastic vial, with screw cap.

Supplier’s product reference: HemoCue Glucose 201 Microcuvettes

Instructions for use
Used with Photometer,HemoCue glucose 201+/set, Unicef code S0000590.

Shelf life:
9 months from date of manufacture in unopened vial. In opened vial 30 days.

2 to 8C, or in a freezer at minus 18 C

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Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging
Unit presentation: 1(one) Microcuvette,for glucose 201+,box/100

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 0.10kg
Estimated volume: 0.001m3
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