Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% pail 10kg**

Calcium hypochlorite 67% in granules or powder (stable bleaching powder) of “HTH” equivalent quality, supplied in 10kg pails/drums. CARGO FLIGHT shipping possible.

Indicative Price 25.00 USD
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General description:
Calcium hypochlorite granules or powder (stable bleaching powder), supplied in 10kg pails/drums (for AIR-CARGO FREIGHT).


Technical specifications:
Calcium hypochlorite (stable bleaching powder) of “HTH” equivalent quality in granular or powder form.

Available chlorine requirement: Minimum 67% at time of packing.
(General quality definition: Minimum 70% at time of packing, defined as 68% average Chlorine available level and 65% Chlorine available guaranteed.)
Moisture content: Maximum 10% for Transport UN number 2880 (5.5-10% for hydrated mixture), or inferior to 5.5% as per UN Number 1748 for dry Calcium Hypochlorite.
Particle size: 0.5mm. minimum 99.5% according to British Standard Specifications.
Stability: does not lose more than 1/15th of available chlorine on heating at 100°C +/-2°C for two hours.
General appearance: dry, free flowing, low dusting, consistent white granules (or powder) and without hard lumps or impurities.

Shelf life: Generally 2 years (unopened container), but depending on storage conditions

Storage: Dry and cool (below 30-35 degrees Celsius), out of direct sunlight.
Store in original container. The container must be re-sealed immediately after opening to minimize any moisture intake.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Temperature conditions: Storage temperature must not exceed 30-35 degrees Celsius

Material safety data sheet information (MSDS, provided by the supplier, with the 2 below options):

Hydrated mixture
Transport as per Material Safety Data Sheet:
UN number: 2880
Danger class: 5.1
Packing group: II or III
Proper shipping name: Calcium hypochlorite mixture, hydrated mixtures
CAS 7778-54-3

Dry mixture
Transport as per Material Safety Data Sheet:
UN number: 1748
Danger class: 5.1
Packing group: II or III
Proper shipping name: Calcium hypochlorite mixture, dry
CAS 7778-54-3

Packaging and labelling:
For air-cargo-shipment:
In maximum 10 kg export quality plastic/polyethylene pails with a lid and closure device to form an air tight seal to the drum. Suitably packed and marked with hazardous goods ref.:
Proper shipping name: Calcium hypochlorite, hydrated mixtures
Dangerous goods code: IMCO 5.1 / UN 2880 / PG II / IMDG 5238 (UN Number and Packing Group may vary)
Packing classification (per box): UN No. 1H2/Y10.0/S/Year/Country/Manufacturer ID
Packing instruction: 511.

Weight and volume:
Unit weight: 10.1 kg
30 pails/drums can fit on one pallet
Pallet weight : 303 kg
Pallet volume : 1.6 m3

Instructions for use:
Disinfection of drinking water for human consumption

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As an indication, and referring to shipping restrictions for dangerous goods, the Calcium Hypochlorite can be packed in four different patterns to fit the mode of shipment:
40-45 kg and 20-25 kg for sea/land shipment,
5 kg and 10kg for air cargo and
450 g and 2.5 kg for air passenger flights, as follows:

1. For sea/land shipment:
In 40-45 kg polyethylene drums of export quality, with a lid and closure device to form an air tight seal to the drum. Standard size 40 to 45 kg drums for sea freight, please use UNICEF Material Number:
S0000570 Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% ** (drum 40-45kg)

2. For sea/land/air-cargo shipment:
In 20-25 kg polyethylene drums of export quality for sea/land freight, with a lid and closure
device to form an air tight seal to the drum. Can also be supplied as compressed pastilles (briquettes 7g) in 20-25 kg drums for air-cargo, in both cases please use UNICEF Material Number:
S0000587 Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% ** (drum 20-25kg)

3. For air-cargo-shipment:
The maximum 5 kg and the maximum 10kg plastic pails are allowed in case of air freight for AIR-CARGO alone. Please use the following UNICEF Material Number:
S0000573 Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% pail 5kg **
S0000589 Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% pail 10kg **

4. For air-shipment in passenger-flight (See above Technical Specifications):
In case of passenger air freight the standards are 450 grams plastic bottles and 2.5 kg plastic bottles/pails suitably packed in IATA boxes of 9 bottles/pails. Please use the following UNICEF Material Number:
S0000569 Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% box 9x450g bottles **
S0000588 Calcium Hypochlorite 65-70% box 9x2.5kg bottles **

Containerizations for all four packing types:
A 20ft dry shipping container will hold 19 pallets
i.e. 16 drums of 45 kg (720kgs) per pallet and total 13.68 metric tons, i.e. 304 x 45 kg drums.

Or for the 20-25 kg drums, it will hold either 18 or 27 drums per pallet (max 450 or 675 kg/pallet), i.e. 19 x 18 or 27 drums of 20-25 kg, i.e. max 8.55 or 12.825 tons in total.

In cargo-flight packing of 5 kg drums, one pallet will hold 60 drums i.e. 300 kg per pallet.

In Passenger and cargo flight of 450 g bottles, one box will hold 9 bottles and one pallet will hold 90 boxes, i.e. 364.50 kg.

For Sea shipment, depending on shipping lines used it is to be noted that the product can be required shipped in "Reefer" containers instead of in ordinary dry standard containers – in a 20ft reefer container only 9.72 metric tons of 45kg drums can be loaded, instead of 13.68 metric
tons in a dry container.

Please note that the unit price indicated is a price per kilogram, and must be calculated.

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Component of a KIT: No
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