Photometer,HemoCue Glucose 201+/SET

Photometer,HemoCue glucose 201+/set
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General Description
Hand-held, glucose photometer HemoCue Glucose 201+, starter set.

Product Description
Automated point-of-care device for measuring glucose in capillary whole blood.
Technology: optical absorption and reflectance photometry.
Multi-wavelength photometric measurement at chemical reaction end-point (667 nm - maxi absorbance point, and 840 nm - turbidity compensation).

Provides direct reading from inserted micro-cuvette.
Removable microcuvette holder to allow for easy cleaning.
Correlation with reference laboratory measurements: 0.99
Factory calibrated and continuous built-in auto self-test (when switched on). Needs no further calibration.
Sample size: 5 to 10uL capillary, venous or arterial whole blood.
Sample collected directly from skin surface into single-use microcuvette by capillary action.
Uses dedicated microcuvette (closed system).
Measuring range: 0 to 500 mg/dL.
Read-out in: mg/dL or mmol/L.
Reading time: 40 sec. to 4 min.
Display informs: glucose reading, reading errors, systems errors, battery status.
Symbols in display facilitate multi-lingual understanding.
Built-in memory, storing > 400 measurements.
Interfaces: RS 232 to printer or computer.
Power supply: 220V /50 or 4 x type AA / R6 1.5 V batteries (allowing for 100h to 150h continued usage).

Supplier’s product reference: HemoCue Glucose 201+ analyzer starter set/kit

Supplied as set containing:
1x Point-of-care glucose meter
1 x Set of 200 microcuvettes (8x25)
1 x Box of 200 safety lancets (sterile single-use, auto-disable, incision 2.2 mm)
1 x Set of 5 cleaners
1 x Set of 4 AA / R6 1.5 V batteries (separately packed)
1 x power adaptor
1 x Storage and transportation box (hard-case)
1 x Instructions for use in English, French; including pictogram-based step-by-step glucose measurement procedure
1 x Operator’s manual in English, French, Spanish

Instructions for use
Automated point-of-care device for screening, diagnosing or monitoring blood glucose levels in capillary whole blood.
Used at primary health levels, and for neonatal care.
Shelf life: 9 months from date of manufacture (microcuvette), 24 months (cleaner).
Storage & transportation: 0 to 50C (glucometer), 2 to 8C (microcuvette), 15 to 30 C (cleaner).
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Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging
Unit presentation: 1(one) Photometer,HemoCue glucose 201+/set

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 3.2kg
Estimated volume: 0.03m3

The “Photometer,HemoCue Glucose 201+/SET (S0000590)” replaced “Photometer,HemoCue Glucose 201 (S0000580)” which was a replacement of “Photometer,HemoCue B-Glucose (S0000532)”.
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