Flask,thick wall,w/sidearm,250ml,MICS

Flask with side-arm tubulation and heavy duty/thick wall for use as vacuum flask, 250ml, Pyrex or sturdy plastic, Buchner/Kitasato flask type or similar filtration flask for use in water quality labor
Indicative Price 29.50 USD
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General Description:
Filtration/vacuum flask with side-arm tubulation. Laboratory standard, heavy duty/thick wall flask for use as vacuum filter flask, 250ml.

Technical specifications:
Filtration/vacuum flask with side-arm tubulation for use as vacuum flask for micro biological filtration process.
Volume 250ml
Outside diameter of the side-arm tube is 8mm to potentially fit standard laboratory silicone tube.

Laboratory standard flask, preferably conical with flat top border, and Neck outside diameter up to 40 mm and inner diameter no less than 25 mm in order to fit the filter support unit.

The flask might be of thick-walled Erlenmeyer/Büchner/Kitasato flask type or any similar heavy duty/thick wall micro-filtration flask for use in water quality test laboratory.

The material may be of glass or plastic, of sturdy (thick wall) quality resisting to vacuum from e.g. simple pistol grip vacuum hand pump.
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