LLIN, alt.dimensions LxWxH PBO

LLIN, white/blue/green, alt.dimensions LxWxH PBO
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General description:
Rectangular mosquito net, min. 110 DENIER, long lasting effect, colour white/blue/green, alternative dimensions (length x width x height) +/-5%.

Technical specifications:
Without door, with finished edge.
Material: (composition ISO 1833) Polyethylene/Polyester
Fabric: (construction ISO 8388) Warp knitted, monofilament
Denier: (ISO 2060, DUPRO) Min. 110 denier, +/-5%
Weight: (ISO 3801) Min. 40 g/m2 +/- 10%
Netting Mesh size: Min. 6.45 holes /cm2
Dimensional stability to washing: (ISO5077/ISO6330) 8A at 30ºC +/-5%
Bursting strength: (ISO13938-1 or ISO 13938-2) Min. 250 kPa for net material and seams
Fire safety: (16-CFR 1610-CS191-53) Class 1
Hanging: 6 loops at the upper corners and in the middle
Insecticide: WHO PQ qualified
Concentration of insecticide: WHO PQ qualified
Target level of concentration: WHO PQ qualified

Certification of Quality (CoQ):
Supplier must provide a CoQ for each Purchase Order.
CoQ must indicate all batch numbers in a consignment and contain cross reference to batch numbers printed on each net label.

Supplier must provide internal test method to establish results of insecticide concentration.

Net is to be labelled with (indelible ink):
1. Manufacturer name;
2. Date of production;
3. Batch number;
4. Fibre;
5. Size in cm (length x width x height);
6. Washing and drying instructions in general pictograms:
Washing 30ºC. No bleaching. No drying machine. No ironing. No dry cleaning.
Below the pictograms in text: Avoid frequent wash, if required, wash gently and no bleaching. Avoid exposure to sun.

Packaging and labelling:
Nets to be packed in bales of 50 pcs without individual bags.

Outer packaging:
Bales containing 40 or/and 50 pieces protected by a polyethylene bag.

Shipping details:
Transport as per Material Safety Data Sheet: Not classified as a hazardous material.
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