Set of Winter clothes CHILD 14 YEARS

Set of winter clothing for child aged 14 years
Indicative Price 44.00 USD

General Description:
Set of winter clothing for child aged 12 years

Technical Specifications:
Set contains:

1.1 x Unisex, Thermal set, top and bottom, 12 Years
2.1 x Unisex, warm sweater, 12 Years
3.1 x Winter, Winter jacket, 12 Years
4.1 x Unisex, Warm winter trouser, denim or cotton, 12 Years
5.1 x Woolen Hat, Gloves and Scarf Set, 12 Years
6.1 x Woolen socks, 12Years
7.1 x Winter boots (pair),12 Years

Note:Full and complete description of the individual items in the set is available upon request.
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