Ready to Use Infant Formula (RUIF)

RUIF is a breast milk substitute in liquid form. It is an infant formula comprising of added fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Ready to use infant formula, 200ml, packed in sub-units of six units. of 24. Each unit of 200ml, is packed in an Aseptic Slim Line Carton. This material must be ordered in multiples of 24
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General Description
RUIF is a breast milk substitute in liquid form. It is an infant formula comprising of added fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in 200ml aseptic cartons, pack of 6 cartons.

Intended use
For use in infants who cannot be breastfed or are partially breastfed in situations of orphans, humanitarian contexts or medical conditions that make it not possible for a mother to breastfeed.

Target population:
Infants up to the age of 6 months.

Technical Specifications
General quality: creamy off white to yellow colour, free from dark flecks and phase separation.
Ingredients: water, whey powder / milk powder, vegetable oil, glucose, maltodextrin, lactose, lecithin, L-taurine, L-carnitine, minerals and vitamins.

Nutritional composition per 100 ml
As per the Codex standard for Standard for Infant formula and Formulas for Special Medicinal Purposes intended for Infants. Codex Stan 72 – 1981. http://www.fao.org/input/download/standards/288/CXS_072e_2015.pdf

Directions for use
Follow the instructions very carefully on the label before preparing the feed. The product is ready to use and required no dilution. Pour the correct amount of product (based on the feeding table printed on the actual label) into a previously sterilised cup. After opening, store remainder in the carton in a refrigerator. Once formula is in the baby bottle or feeding cup the formula should be used immediately. Any formula remaining in the cup after feeding should be discarded. Once opened, use contents of carton within 24 hours. Use before expiry date indicated on the top of the carton. Can be used at room temperature or warmed if desired – Do not heat in a microwave.

Items required, but not supplied:
Feeding cup and feeding spoon.

Shelf Life:
Shelf life unopened; 12 months from date of manufacture.

Storage and transport conditions:
Do not store above 30 °C, protect from direct sunlight.
Use within 24 hours after opening.

Logistics Information:
Material safety data sheet information (MSDS): N/A

Packaging and labeling:
Weight per carton containing 6 cartons: 1.24 kg
Weight per carton containing 24 cartons: 4.96 kg
Volume of carton containing 24 cartons: 5.76 d3
Component of a Kit: no

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