Hand-Held Radio,Multiband,Solar,Wind-Up

Hand-held solar multi-band radio.
Indicative Price 18.06 USD

General Description

Technical Specifications
Hand-held multi-band radio, constructed of robust plastic able to withstand a drop of one meter on a hard surface; with thick outer casing, a strong, non-detachable winding arm and built in solar panel, a built-in siren, mobile phone charger and LED flashlight.

Short Circuit Current 85MA

The radio is equipped with a telescopic and SW antenna. The radios must contain a lithium-ion battery with less than 100 wh.

The radio is able to receive AM/FM/SW1/SW2 wavelengths, with good reception, covering the following frequency ranges:

FM: 88-108MHz
AM: 540-1600MHz
SW1: 5.8-7.7MHz
SW2: 9.4-12.3MHz

There is a clear and easily-read dial frequency window,
showing frequency scale and four bandwidths (AM, FM, SW1, SW2); a
bandwidth selector switch and a suitable mono speaker which gives clear and audible sound.

There is a combined volume/on-off switch.

There is a built in solar panel which fits into the top of the radio.

The robust, hard plastic winding handle is housed within the body of the radio for protection when not in use. The expected listening time at a particular decibel when the radio is wound for 60 seconds, is no less than 30 minutes. The handle is able to recharge the radio by winding in both directions.

Supplied with clear instructions in English with illustrations.
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