CyFlow CD4 counter, complete with UPS and all essential supporting devices; delivered with consumables, reagents and controls for 300 tests; including installation and on-site training.
Indicative Price : 22,744.83 USD

General Description
CyFlow CD4 counter, complete with UPS and all essential supporting
devices; delivered with consumables, reagents and controls for 300 tests; including installation and on-site training.

Technical Specifications
Benchtop Flow Cytometry Counter (FCM) for absolute and/or percentage enumeration of CD4 T-lymphocytes, complete with starter kit

Manufacturer product reference: Partec CY-S-3022

Technology: Flow based fluorescence-activated cell sorter
Enumeration: CD4 in cells/ul
Calculation: CD4 absolute versus total T-lymphocytes
Range (abs. CD4): 0-5000 cells/ul
Range (perc. CD4): 0-100%
Sample type: EDTA whole blood
Sample volume: Continuous up to 1600μl
Set up time: <5 minutes
Reading time to result: 1,5 minutes - 2,0 minutes
Daily throughput: 250 CD4 or CD4% tests
Screen: 8.4" TFT colour touchscreen (SVGA)
Languages on display: English, French, Spanish, German
Printer: built-in Thermal Printer
Data on printed report: clinic-ID, lab-ID, sample numbers, instrument ID, measure date in time, software configuration, number of acquired particles, results, histogramm/ dot plot
Computer storage capacity: 20.000 data files
Power requirements: 100/240VAC

Supplied with
1x Sheath and waste bottle
1x Pen for touchscreen
1x Power supply cable, country specific power plugs per request available
1 x UPS, 700VA
1 Dust cover
1x Service tools set
1 x Operator and technical documentation in English, French and Spanish

Premium Starter kit for 300 tests consisting of:
1 x 04-4000 CyFlowCount,thermal paper roll/BOX-5, (S0001231)
2 x 05-8401-d CD4 easy count kit - dry, 100 tests, (S0001282)
1 x 05-8405-d CD4% easy count kit - dry, 100 tests, (S0001283)
1 x 05-4011-d Count Check Beads green - dry, 100 tests, (S0001292)
1 x 04-6-1021 Eppendorf Pipette 10μl fix, (S0001288)
1 x 04-6-1023 Eppendorf Pipette 20μl fix, (S0001289)
1 x 04-6-1030 Eppendorf Pipette Variable 100-1000μl, (S0001290)
1 x 04-6-1510 Pipette Tips 2-200μl, 1000 pcs., (S0001256)
1 x 04-6-1530 Pipette Tips 50-1000μl, 1000 piececes, (S0001257)
2 x 04-6-2040 Vacuette Blood Collection Set, EDTA, 100 pieces
1 x 04-6-2041 Vacuette Blood Collection Set, pediatric, 100 pieces
1 x set Vacuette Manuals
1 x 04-2000 Sample Tubes 3.5ml, 500 pieces, (S0001251)
2 x 04-2000-01S Caps for Sample Tubes, 20 pieces, (S0001284)
1 x 04-2000-02 Sample Tubes Rack
1 x 04-4009 Cleaning Solution, 250ml, (S0001254)
1 x 04-4010 Decontamination Solution, 250ml, (S0001253)
1 x 04-4012 Hypochloride Solution, 250ml, (S0001255)
1 x 04-4007 Sheath Fluid for flow systems (5 liter) + tap, (S0001286)

Instructions for use
Counting of CD4+ T lymphocytes and CD4 percentages among total lymphocytes (CD4%) in routine ART monitoring for both, adults and children.
The CyFlow counter must be operated by adequately trained staff only.

NOTE: All items supplied with CyFlow, CD4[abs,perc] counter starter set are required to operate the machine.

Recommended maximum transportation time and conditions of the (whole) blood specimen: 48 hours, store at +2°C to +8°C

Only initiate the testing when all components of the kits reach the temperature of the environment in which the test will be performed.
Do not substitute reagents from other kits/batches.
Follow strictly manufacturer instructions of the test procedure.

Shelf life
Reagents: 12 months from the date of manufacturing; do not use beyond its expiry date.

Transportation and storage
Instrument: 15-30°C; Humidity 20-85% relative (non-condensing)
Reagents, included in the starter kit: 2-35°C

Installation and training
Installation and 2 days on-site training are included.

Packaging and labelling
CyFlow CD4 [abs,perc] counter, co-packed with: starter kit containing consumables, reagents and controls for 300 tests; accessories; instructions for use.

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 11.5 kg
Estimated dimensions [mm]: L 325 x H 330 x D 265

Counter with starter kit:
Estimated weight: 54kg
Estimated dimensions: L 80 x H 60 x D 119cm

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