Distillation unit, 2 L/h, with tank

Distillation Unit, 2L/h, with tank
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General description:
Distillation Unit, 2L/h, with tank

Intended use:
Distilling water for clinical laboratory use.

Technical specifications:
·Automatic system with minimum production 2 L/h
·Operates from raw potable feed water, 3 - 7 bar, 4oC to 35oC
·Distilled water to comply with the International Pharmacopoeia, free from pyrogen and have a conductivity of 2 μS/cm at 25oC
·Built-in storage tank capacity approx. 4L minimum
·Water saving through automatic water cut-off when storage tank is full
·Thermostatic overheat protection
·Thermostatic low water cut off protects the heating element
·Solenoid valve to control the water supply
·Mechanism to automatically restart the distiller when distilled water is withdrawn
·Electronic contamination monitoring of the still with distillation stop and visual cleaning instruction
·Double-walled housing. Heating element, evaporator, storage tank, and condenser made of stainless steel
·Suitable for both bench and wall mounting
·Power requirements 230V / 50-60Hz
·Installation, commissioning & training can be provided at additional cost if required
·Warranty – 1 year

Manufacturer product reference:
LAUDA Puridest PD 2 R (Manu. product code: L003013)

Items supplied with:
·1 x Set fixation materials for wall-mount (Manu. product code: A000135)
·1 x Set of hoses cartridges and filters (Manu. product code: A000138)
·2 x Dichloride filter with first filling (Manu. product code: A000129)
·2 x Spare filling for dichloride filter (Manu. product code: A000130)
·2 x Phosphate cartridge with first filling (Manu. product code: A000131)
·2 x Spare filling for phosphate cartridge (Manu. product code: A000132)
·2 x Pre-filter 1 um, with fine filter candle (Manu. product code: A000134)
·2 x Spare candle for pre-filter (Manu. product code: A000133)
·Spare parts as per an authorized list of accessories and spare parts
·User manual

Weight & volume:
Estimated weight: 24.00kg
Estimated volume: 0.15m3

Packaging & labelling:
Unit presentation: 1(one) Distillation Unit, 2L/h, with tank
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