Biosafety cabinet,class II,stand alone

Biosafety cabinet, class II, stand alone
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General description:
Intended use: Cabinet with internal work area, used to protect personnel, product, and environment from exposure to potentially infectious agents.

Technical specifications:
·BSC to meet the requirements of class II, certified as per EN 12469
·External height: 2111mm including support stand with caster wheels
·Internal working area (approximate): (WxDxH) 1220 x 580 x 660mm
·Inside finish: Stainless steel, high quality
·Exterior is EG steel with Isocide anti-microbial powder coat
·Vertical window: Aerosol-tight, sliding, safety glass (laminated multilayer safety glass only), thickness ≥6.7mm, counterbalanced
·High optical transmission, but absorption of UV light; minimal reflection
·Working aperture: ≥170mm measured from work surface to the bottom of the sash window
·Ability to lock the window hermetically for gaseous disinfection for filter decontamination
·Single piece-working surface
·Noise pressure level: ≤60 dbA
·Built-in electric plugs, protected with a separate fuse, inside BCS
·Built-in light: LED light and UV light (with UV timer and interlock)
·Control display on the front of the BSC: LCD display, soft touch buttons, LED light indicator
·High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter: H14 HEPA filters for downflow and exhaust
·Downflow air velocity: 0.30m/s
·Airflow circulation: Recirculates 70% of air, and exhaust 30% back into the laboratory
·Inflow air velocity: 0.45m/s
·DC ECM blower with auto-compensation during voltage fluctuation and filter loading, stable airflow
·Alarms: Audio-visual warning alarms, for unsafe condition of the BSC
·Optimum environmental requirements for the BSC:
- Relative humidity between 20% – 90%
- Temperature between 18-30°C
·Power requirements 220V / 50Hz, with voltage surge protection. Voltage and plugs can be adapted to those used in the importing country on request.
·The manufacturer will provide Factory Test Report as per EN 12469 for each BSC individually before shipment.
·Standard warranty: 3 years

Items supplied with:
·2 x Set of HEPA filters. If special clamps are required to instal the filters, they must be included as well
·1 x UPS, micro-processor controlled
·1 x Poster, with picture-illustrated instructions for use
·1 x Authorized list of accessories and spare parts
·1 x Set of standard accessories, consumables and parts required for the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of the BSC including UV lamps and fluorescence lamps
·1 x IFU/User manual (User Manual in English version, availability in French, Spanish upon request)

Training and installation can be purchased as a separate package.
Service and maintenance can be purchased as a separate package.

Weight & volume:
Estimated weight: 287.00kg
Estimated volume: 2.33m³

Packaging and Labelling:
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation 1 (one) Biosafety cabinet, class II, stand alone
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