Paper, dry blood spot, box/100

Paper, dry blood spot, box/100.
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General Description
Paper, dry blood spot, box/100.

Intended use:
To collect and transport dry blood specimens for early infant diagnosis of HIV

Technical Specifications:
·Dry blood spot (DBS) absorbent filter paper.
·Designed for blood sample collection, preserves nucleic acid in the dried blood spots for subsequent laboratory tests.
·With 5 distinct pre-marked spots.
·Spots are pre-perforated / pre-punched, facilitating processing in PCR applications.
·Stability: Minimum 24 months for DNA.
·DNA, DNase, RNase, & PCR inhibitor.

Shelf life:
36 months.

Weight & volume:
Estimated Weight: 0.15 Kg.
Estimated Volume: 0.0005m3.

Packaging & labelling:
Primary Packaging: Paper, dry blood spot, in box/100.
Secondary One box of 100 dry blood spot.
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