Reservoir, reagent, 60ml, box/25

Reservoir, reagent, 60ml, box/25
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General Description
Reservoir, reagent, 60ml, box/25

Product Description
Reservoir for short-time containment of reagent and chemicals
Trough profile maximizes amount of liquid accessible, even with small
volume processed
Accommodates multichannel pipettes to 8 and 12 channels
With pour-off spout
Material: polypropylene
Volume graduation, per 5ml embossed on the inside
Non sterile
Capacity: approximate 60ml
Wide base ensures optimal stability
Reusable, autoclavable

Instructions for use
Used for ELISA and PCR techniques
Used in wide range of laboratory services from hospital laboratory to reference centre

Packaging and Labelling
Primary packaging:
Unit presentation: 1(one) Reservoir, reagent, 60ml, box/25

Weight - Volume
Estimated weight: 0.75kg
Estimated volume: 5.0dm3
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