Microscope, trinocular/camera, LED

Microscope, trinocular, w/camera, LED
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General description:
Microscope, trinocular, w/camera, LED

Intended use:
Microscopic examination of clinical specimens in hematology, microbiology, cytology, and pathology laboratories in referral or teaching hospitals. (Specimens include blood smears, urine wet preparation, gram stains, cultures, tissue sections, etc.)

Technical specifications:
·Microscope frame with 360 degrees revolving 25-degree inclined binocular tube
·Third ocular allows for integration of camera via C-mount, with 0.5x reduction
·Mechanical rackless stage: approx. 200 x 150 mm; travel range: 75 x 40 mm
·Double slide holder
·Coarse and fine focusing
·Rack and pinion steel gears
·Range of magnification 40 to 1000x
·5-position nosepiece
·Objectives, full plan-achromatic 4x (0.10 NA), 10x (0.25 NA), 40x (0.65 NA), 100x (1.25 NA, oil)
·Condenser: Abbe with iris diaphragm aperture, 1.25 NA
·Eyepieces: Focusable Wide Field Eyepiece PL 10x/23 Br. Foc with inter-pupillary distance and dioptric adjustment
·Retractable eye guards
·Illumination: Transmitted-light illumination with white LED 10W, LED service lifetime is 30000 hrs
·Observation by Bright field and with blue filter
·Brightness control 0 to 100 % (linear)
·Camera with software: Digital still image and video capturing, processing and storage/retrieve software
·Sensor 1/ 2.5 -inch CMOS
·Light sensitivity down to 3 lux
·Exposure time, automatic / manual 1s to 0.06 ms
·Image 5.0MP
·Video imaging up to 20 frames per second
·Controls: Automatic and manual white balance, RGB, camera sensitivity / gain
·Provided with USB 2.0 power and data connection to external computer
·Plug-and-play Windows XP compatibility
·Formats supported: Mpeg, avi, jpg, jpeg, bmp and tiff, plus interfaces 1x SD card slot; 1x mini USB 2.0, 1x RJ 45 (LAN);1x HDMI (DVI-D)
·Real time features: Captures real time still and video, pointer arrow, reticule overlay, zoom and pan, freeze function, positive negative image, stores and retrieves still and streaming video
·Post processing features: Adjust brightness, contrast and color, onscreen annotation of date/time, distance 2 circles, circle 3 points, 3 points angle, perpendiculars, polygon area, boundary length and counting, combine and compare images
·Power requirements 220V / 50Hz, with voltage surge protection
·Remote support for installation and training
·Warranty – Main component: 5 year, Camera: 1 year

Items supplied with:
·1 x Standard phototube
·1 x C-mount for attaching external camera equipment
·1 x USB 2.0 cable, 1m
·1 x Measuring objective
·1 x Lens cleaning tissue
·1 x Pair eye shades
·1 x Pair of tube caps
·1 x Oil, immersion
·2 x Fuse
·1 x Power cord
·1 x Dust cover
·1 x Coarse focusing adjustment wrench
·1 x Set of color filters: blue, yellow and green
·User manual

Quality standards:
ISO 13485
Market approval: CE (EU)

Weight & volume:
Estimated weight: 18.00kg
Estimated volume: 0.29m3

Packaging & labelling:
Unit presentation: 1 (One) Microscope, trinocular/camera, LED
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