Microscope, binocular, LED basic,cabinet

Microscope, binocular, LED basic with cabinet.
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General description:
Microscope, binocular, LED basic with cabinet

Intended use:
Used for microscopic examination of clinical specimens in haematology, microbiology, cytology, and pathology laboratories. These specimens include blood smears, urine wet preparation, gram stains, cultures, tissue sections, etc

Technical specifications:
·Upright bench-top microscope with revolving 25-degree inclined binocular tube
·Binocular eyepiece: with flexibility to use in an upper and lower position, an ergonomic viewing angle of at least 15°, a tube rotatable through 360°
·Eyepieces: Focusable, paired, high-quality, achromatic, wide field, 10x (FN 20) magnification with inter-pupillary distance -and one with diopter adjustment
·Retractable eye guards
·Mechanical rackless stage: 174 x 145 mm; travel range: 75 x 40 mm
·Condenser: Abbe with iris diaphragm aperture, 0.9/1.25 NA
·Illumination: LED light luminous flux at least 280 lm, with 30,000 hours operating life
·Single slide holder
·Coarse, and fine focusing of 0.2mm/rev
·Objectives: full plan-achromatic ▪ 4x (0.10 NA)/ ▪ 10x (0.25 NA)/ ▪ 20x (0.40 NA)/ ▪ 40x (0.65 NA)/ ▪ 100x (1.25 NA, oil).
·Observation by Bright field and with blue filter
·Brightness control 0 to 100 % (linear)
·Range of magnification 40 to 1000x
·Reverse angle quadruple revolving nosepiece, with distinct click-stop, with rubber grip for easy handling
·Reverse angle quadruple revolving nosepiece of at least 4 positions, with distinct click-stop and rubber grip for easy handling
·All optics anti-fungal treated
·Power requirements 110-240V / 60Hz-50Hz, with voltage surge protection
·Installation, commissioning & training can be provided at additional cost if required
·Warranty - 5 years

Manufacturer product reference:
Carl Zeiss Microscopy, China. Primoster 3 (Manu. product code: 415501-0081-000) includes transportation case/cabinet

Items supplied with:
·1 x Lens cleaning kit consisting of lens cleaning tissue
·1 x Set of color filters: blue, yellow, and green
·2 x Fuse
·1 x Power cord
·1 x Dust cover
·1 x A sturdy case for storing and/or carrying the microscope, lockable, with a handle and receptacles to hold accessories, objectives and eyepieces. The case is padded and equipped with fixing points and straps to hold the microscope in place and to eliminate shocks during transportation and supplied with two keys
·User manual

Quality standards:
ISO 13485
Market approval: CE (EU)
Weight & volume:
Estimated weight: 25.00kg
Estimated volume: 0.40m3

Packaging & labelling
Unit presentation: 1(One) Microscope, binocular, LED basic with cabinet
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