Xpert Check

Xpert Check
Indicative Price 450.00 USD
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General description:
Xpert Check is software & kits used to calibrate Cepheid molecular diagnostics devices. Xpert Check kit is part of a check, verification, and hardware test system for GeneXpert modules.

Technical Description:
The Xpert Check kit is used to check the optical system, verify the thermal system, and perform a series of system-level tests to ensure full system functionality within Cepheid’s instrument servicing specifications.

One Xpert Check cartridge is usually used to check a single module in conjunction with the Xpert Check software on Windows.

Manufacturer Product Code:

Items supplied with:
·Xpert Check cartridges with integrated reaction tubes --- 5 per kit,
Each Cartridge contains the following materials;
§Bead 1 ---- 1 per cartridge
§Reagent 1 ----1.0ml per cartridge
·I-CORE Lens cleaning brush --- 4 per kit
·PI/Software (P/N 950-0413) ---- 1 per kit
·Data CD ---- 1 per kit.

Materials Required but Not Provided
·GeneXpert Dx or Infinity System with Cepheid-supplied computer and barcode scanner
·6-color GeneXpert instrument.

Storage and Handling
·Store the Xpert Check cartridges at 2-28 °C. Wait at least 10 minutes after removal from cold storage before using, allow a cartridge to reach ambient temperature.
·Use the cartridge within 48 hours of opening the foil pouch
·Discard cartridges that have been removed from their foil-wrapped pouches outside of the approved usage interval.
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