careHPV Test System

careHPV Test System
Indicative Price 20,551.65 USD

General description:
The careHPV Test System is designed to be used with the careHPV Test to process samples for measurement and analysis of the light produced by chemiluminescence producing rapid, accurate human papillomavirus (HPV) test results.

Technical Specification:
Power requirements:
·Voltage – 100-240 VAC;
·Power -- 60 W;
·Frequency – 50-60 Hz

The careHPV Test System contains:
·careHPV Test Controller (cat.no. 9001775)
·careHPV Test Luminometer (cat.no. 9001773)
·careHPV Test Shaker (cat.no. 9001774)
·careHPV Test Magnetic Plate Holder

Manufacture product reference: 9001772 (QIAGEN GmBH)

Manufacturer Warranty on careHPV test system is one year (spare parts only).

Transport and storage conditions: 5 – 40 deg. C
Relative Humidity: Max. 80%

Weight and Volume:
Estimated weight: 40 kg

·For indoor use only on a flat, stable, non-flammable surface.
·Do no place any object on the careHPV Test Luminometer’s flat top.
·Follow instructions to install the careHPV Test System strictly.
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