careHPV Test Training Panel

careHPV Test Training Panel
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General description:
The careHPV Training Panel is intended for use in conjunction with the careHPV Test, which is a test form the qualitative detection of HPV DNA in cervical specimens. It is designed as an aid to train and validate new users on the proper techniques and procedures required when testing specimens with the careHPV Test.

Technical Specification:
The training panel consists 8 samples of known concentrations of HPV DNA. These samples are to be tested as specimens with the careHPV Test. As the type of DNA is known, the training panel can be used to ensure that the predicted results are obtained.

Kit content:
·4 x 1.5 ml careHPV Test Training Panel A (TPA)
·4 x 1.5 ml careHPV Test Training Panel B (TPB)
·8 x careHPV Training Brushes
·1 x IFU

Materials required but not provided:
·careHPV Test Kit
·All materials required as listed in care HPV Test Kit Handbook but not provided are required to use this training panel.

Manufacture product reference:
619029 (QIAGEN GmBH)

Transport and storage conditions: 4–25 deg. C

·Do not reuse.
·Do not use beyond expiration date
·Follow all procedure and instruction stated in careHPV Test Kit Handbook when using the training panel.
·Dispose of all training panel samples, other contaminated materials according to local regulations.
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