Xpert HCV VL Assay/10

Xpert HCV VL Assay/10
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General description:
Xpert HCV -1 Viral Load Assay – kit of 10 tests

Technical specifications:
Xpert® HCV Viral Load, performed on GeneXpert® Instrument Systems is designed for the quantitation of hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA in human serum or plasma (EDTA) from HCV-infected individuals. The test utilizes automated reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) using fluorescence to detect the RNA of interest for the quantitation of HCV.

Kit content:
Xpert HCV -1 Viral Load Cartridges with integrated reaction tubes - kit 10 test 10 x Disposable 1ml transfer pipette 1 x CD (instruction for use)

Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS)and Guideline on safe disposal of cartridges - to be supplied with each order

Manufacture product reference:
GXHCV-VL-CE-10 (Cepheid)

Required instruments:
GeneXpert Dx System or GeneXpert Infinity Systems (catalog number varies by configuration): GeneXpert Instrument, computer with proprietary GeneXpert Dx Software Version 4.7b or higher (GeneXpert Dx systems); or Xpertise 6.4b or higher (Infinity-80/Infinity-48s), barcode scanner, and operator manual

Shelf life:
12 Months

Storage instructions:
Store the HCV VL assay cartridges and reagents at 2–28 °C.
Do not use HCV VL assay cartridges and reagents that were previously frozen.

Temperature conditions: 2-28°C

Material safety data sheet information (MSDS):
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)and Guideline on safe disposal of cartridges - to be supplied with each order.

WHO PQ report:
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