Cold Box Long term storage 5.4L

Cold box, Long term storage vaccine storage capacity 5.4 litres.
Cold life @ +43°C 35 Days
Indicative Price 2,393.00 USD
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General Description
Cold box, Long term vaccine storage.
Storage capacity: 5.4L
Vaccine storage Temperature: +2°C to + 8°C
Operating Ambient Temperature: +43°C
Cold life at +43°C: 35 Days
Manufacturer: Qingdao Aucma Global Medical Co., LTD, China

ARKTEK-YBC-5 can keep at a stable temperature level by use of icepacks without external power source (passive).
Ice packs should be placed in a deep freezer, frozen between -5°C to -20°C for at least 48 hours and then conditioned as explained in the User Manual. Then these icepacks can be moved into the ARKTEK-YBC-5 to cool the device to +2°C to +8°C.

Cold life: Arktek-YBC-5 can keep vaccines between +2°C to +8°C temperature for 35-days if properly used at 43°C.
With storage capacity: 5.4L
Internal: Diam 31.1 x 33.2 cm
External: Diam 52.8 x 74.7 cm
With Vacuum Dewar insulation
Coolant pack Type: Arktek 1L ice packs
Coolant pack size: 274*101*74 mm
Number of water packs used with the cold box: 8 pcs of ice packs (ice blocks)/every equipment.
Empty/Full weight: 22kg/39.5kg

Every ARKTEK-YBC-5 shall be supplied with one lock, two keys, Vaccine Stacks (3 sets), 16 pcs (8 + 8 as spare) of ice blocks (water packs).
Includes 1 lithium battery (model ER26500) with 5 years operational battery life.

Temperature monitoring
The cold box is equipped with a thermometer that use battery or photovoltaic light. Thermometers powered by a battery with 5-year service life at +32°C. The device is equipped with an electronic panel that displays important information such as temperature inside the device.
If the temperature is below 0°C, the system will provide audible and visual alerts.

Hard copies of user and maintenance instructions in English will be supplied with each ARKTEK-YBC-5.

The product is covered by a two-year replacement warranty in the event of any component failure arising from defective design, materials, or workmanship.

Packaging and labeling
One unit of Arktek-YBC-5 is packed in double corrugated carton.

Shipping Information
Estimated shipping weight (per unit): 32.5 kg
Estimated shipping volume (per unit): 0.376 cbm
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