Mains Ref. Haier HBC-260 E003/087

Mains Powered, Ice-lined Refrigerator for Storage of Vaccines
Haier HBC-260 E003/087
Ambient operating temperature: Min. +5°C, Max. +43°C
Net vaccine storage volume: 211L
Supplied with voltage regulator and temperature monitoring device.
Indicative Price 1,483.00 USD
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Mains Powered Vaccine Refrigerator
Equipment model: HBC-260
PQS code: E003/087
Manufactured by: Qingdao Haier Biomedical Co.,Ltd in China
Volume category: >/= 120L
Vaccine storage capacity: 211L

Technical specifications
PQS Prequalified Intermittent Mains Powered Refrigerator for storage of vaccines at +2 ˚C to+8˚C.
Equipment operating voltage and frequency.
220-240 Volt and frequency 50Hz / 60Hz, 1ph
Operating temperature: Min and Max rated ambient temperature: +5 °C and +43°C
UIFPF- Grade A
Refrigerant: R600a, 80 grams

To be supplied with:
Standalone Voltage stabilizer for 220-240V 50/60 Hz nominal input/output:
Option 1: Extended type Haier HVS-1000U, E007/009, with input voltage regulation range of 110V-278V/50/60Hz in compliance with PQS_E007_VS01.6
Option 2: Extended type Sollatek SVS04-22E, E007/004, with input voltage regulation range of 110V-278V/50/60Hz
Power lead and plug.
With PQS prequalified 30-day temperature logger.
RTMS – Optional/upon request
The door / lid fitted with a lock and two keys and 5 denser moulded PP engineering plastics baskets.
Warranty: 3- year replacement warranty as specified in the LTA.

1.UNICEF CO or partners should notify the voltage & frequency to ensure correct choice of freezer and voltage regulator.
2.Provide the preferred power plug type compatible with the electricity socket standard in the country
3.One set of spare parts is recommended but not compulsory for every 10 units of mains powered appliances.
4.For Technical Guidance: Contact with UNICEF Supply Division, Immunization Technology Center, Cold Chain Unit for technical questions. CPHHQ-SD-Cold Chain Unit < coldchainunit@unicef.org >

Useful links for reference:
1.UNICEF Cold Chain Technical Support:
2.UNICEF Supply Catalogue:
3.WHO-PQS Website:
4.GAVI CCEOP Technology Guide:
5.WHO Vaccine Management Handbook:
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