Spare set per ten HBCD-90 E003-097

Spare Parts, recommended for every 10 units of HBCD-90 E003-097.
Indicative Price : 180.00 USD

General description:
Recommended spare part set per 10 units of HBCD-90 E003-097 includes:

1 No. Dry filter Part-0074180001
2 No. Overload protector 0274300008B
1 No. Switch 0075050003
1 No. Thermo sensor-0274000353A
1 No. Thermo sensor-0274000358
2 No. Sticker-0270501015C
1 No. Thermostat 0274000352A
1 No. Compressor 0274000418
1 No. Fan 0074000172
2 No. Indicator 0075050018
2 No. Displayer 0274000357

One set of spare parts is recommended but not compulsory for every 10 units of refrigerators.

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