m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL cartridge, kit/50

m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL cartridge, kit of 50 tests
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General Description:
m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL cartridge is a point-of-care (POC) nucleic acid test (NAT) which directly quantifies HIV type 1 groups M/N and O, and HIV type 2 RNA in human plasma samples and differentiates HIV-1 and HIV-2 using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology.

Technical specifications:
•m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL cartridge is an in vitro quantitative nucleic acid amplification test designed for the quantification of HIV type 1 groups M/N and O, and HIV type 2 RNA in human plasma specimens from individuals with diagnosed HIV-1 or HIV-2 infection using the Alere q instrument or m-PIMA Analyser for automated specimen processing, amplification and detection.
•The m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL test is intended to be used by trained health care or laboratory professionals or other health care workers receiving appropriate training in the use of the device.
•m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL cartridges are for single use only.

Manufacturer product reference code: 27015-W50, manufactured by Abbott Rapid Diagnostics Jena GmbH.

Items supplied with:
•50 x Individually pouched m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL test cartridges
•60 x Individually wrapped disposable 50 μL sample transfer tools
•1 x m-PIMA HIV-1/2 VL Cartridge Guide

Items required, but not supplied:
·m-PIMA Analyzer (catalogue no. 27030R001) with installed m-PIMA software version 0.26.1 or higher.
·EDTA whole blood collection tubes, centrifuge, finger-stick sample collection set (catalogue no. 270400202)

Shelf life:
10.7 months from the date of manufacturing.

Storage and temperature instructions:
Store cartridges at 4 to 30 °C. Once removed from their protective pouch, cartridges are stable for up to 10 minutes between 10 to 40 °C and relative humidity between 30 to 85%. DO NOT freeze the test cartridges.

Material safety data sheet information (MSDS):
Material Safety Data Sheet for this product is available on request through Technical Support.

Useful link:WHO PQ Public report
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