Crystal Cholera RDT, dipstick, kit/10

Crystal VC – Immunochromatographic One Step Rapid Visual Test for Vibrio Cholerae, kit of 10 tests
Indicative Price 19.00 USD

General description:
Crystal VC is a simple, rapid and visual in vitro qualitative screening test for detection of LPS antigen of both Vibrio Cholera O1 and O139 in human stool specimen.

Technical specifications:
Principle: Lateral flow immunochromatographic assay
Test format - Dipstick
Kit size: 10 Tests
Specimen type: Stool
Specimen volume: For liquid stool: 2 drops, For semi solid stool: small portion of stool sample
Time to result: 15 to 30 mins.
Analytical sensitivity: ≥ 95%,
Analytical specificity: 100 %
Clinical sensitivity: ≥ 90%,
Clinical specificity: 93.00%

Manufacturer product reference: Arkray Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., 16IC101-10

Items supplied with:
Kit Contents:
10 x Pouches containing a dipstick and a desiccant
10 x Reaction buffer (1 ml)
10 x Disposable plastic droppers
10 x Test tubes
1 x Test tube stand
1 x IFU

Items required, but not supplied:
Timer, disposable waste bag, APW vials which may be ordered separately (Code no. 99 RG 104-10),
sterile pipette for APW procedure

Shelf Life:
18 months from manufacturing date.

Storage & transportation condition:
Stored at 4 to 30°C and protect it from direct sunlight. Do not freeze.
Shipment must be transported under 15 to 25 °C.

Packaging & labelling:
Primary packaging: All contents of Crystal Cholera RDT, dipstick for 10 tests
Secondary packaging: One kit Crystal Cholera RDT, dipstick, 10 tests

Weight and volume:
Estimated weight: 0.105 Kg
Estimated volume: 0.936 dm3
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