LPV/r oral sol.80+20mg/ml/BOT-5x60ml

Lopinavir 80mg/ml + Ritonavir 20mg/ml oral solution, 5 bottles each of 60ml, with oral dispensing device.
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General Description:
Lopinavir (LPV) 80mg/ml + Ritonavir (RTV) 20mg/ml oral solution, 5 bottles of 60ml
Each 1ml oral solution contains a boosted protease inhibitor combination of Lopinavir 80mg + Ritonavir 20mg

Therapeutic class:
Protease Inhibitors (PI)

Standard shelf life:
2 years

Route of Administration:
By mouth (oral)

Other available formulations:
The product may also be available in other formulations, pack sizes, or in combinations with other ARVs.

Guidelines for use:
For more details, please click the links listed below:

WHO treatment guidelines


WHO Essential Medicines Library

or your regional national guidelines

For details about paediatric dosage schemes, please click the links listed below:


WHO Generic tool for assessing paediatric ARV dosing

Management of HIV-1 infection in infected adults and children above 2 years of age in combination with at least two other antiretroviral drugs. Administration: Per mouth (PO)

NOTE: Ritonavir increases effect of Lopinavir; it is used in this co-formulation as a booster to Lopinavir and this low dose in combination does not have intrinsic antiviral activity

Store between 2ºC-8ºC (refrigerated) until dispensing. Do not freeze. After dispensing to be stored below 25ºC for no more than six weeks.

Dispensing instructions:
Dispense in original container. Do not repack

Regulatory status
WHO prequalified

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