Genie Fast HIV 1/2, kit/50

Rapid test for detection of antibody to HIV-1 and HIV-2, kit of 50
Indicative Price 57.25 USD

General description:
Genie Fast HIV 1/2 Assay is a rapid immunochromatographic assay for qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human serum, plasma, capillary whole blood, or venous whole blood specimens.

Technical specifications:
Lateral Flow technology: makes it possible to perform rapid on-site screening
Reacts positive to HIV-1 and HIV-2.
Sensitivity: 100%
Specificity: 98.5%
Invalid rate: 0.1%
Specimen type: Serum, plasma, venous whole blood, capillary whole blood
Specimen volume: 80μl
Reading time: 30 mins
Internal quality control measures included in the test kit: Yes

Product Code: 72330

Items supplied with:
1)50, test cassettes, individually packed in foil pouch
2)50, plastic pipettes for depositing serum, plasma and venous blood
3)1, diluent bottle (5 ml)

Items required, but not supplied:
Safety lancet, alcohol swab, microsafe for fingerstick protocol, clock or timer, specimen collection container, centrifuge, biohazard waste container

Shelf life:
18 months

Weight and Volume:
Estimated Volume: 4.740 dm3
Estimated Weight: 0.58 kg

Storage and temperature instructions:

The Safety Data Sheet is available on https://www.bio-rad.com/

Useful link:
https://www.who.int/ diagnostics_laboratory/evaluations/pq-list/hiv-rdts/171222_final_pq_repo rt_0153_031_00_v3.pdf
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