Pipette, digital, 12 channels, 20-200 ul

Pipette, digital, 12 channel, 20-200ul
Indicative Price 248.69 USD

General description:
Pipette, digital, 12 channel, 20-200ul

Intended use:
Used for multiple techniques to accurately dispense required volumes of liquid

Technical specifications:
Manual air displacement micropipette
12-channel, adjustable pipetting volumes 20-200ul
A handle with digital setting and read-out of delivered volumes
Built-in tips ejector
Compatible with universal fit pipette tips ranging 20-200ul
Autoclavable, and Resistant to UV sterilization
Sturdy and chemical resistant parts
Warranty – 3 years

Weight & volume:
Estimated Weight: 0.248kg
Estimated Volume: 2.20dm3

Packaging & labelling:
Unit presentation: 1(one) Pipette, digital, 12 channel, 20-200ul
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