Viessmann WIC-WIF Combi split type 40m3

Viessmann Walk-in type, combined cold & freezer room, split type, 40m3
for storage of vaccines at national and sub-national levels.
Indicative Price 55,092.09 USD
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General description:
Viessmann walk-in type, combined cold & freezer room, split type, 40m3 for storage of vaccines at national and sub-national levels.

Cold room (22 m3):
External dimensions: L=3000 x W=3600 x H=2410 mm
Internal dimensions: L=2970 x W=3360 x H=2250 mm

Freezer room (18 m3):
External dimensions: L=2700 x W=3600 x H=2490 mm
Internal dimensions: L=2370 x W=3360 x H=2250 mm

1. Technical specifications:
Prefabricated walk-in type, combined cold & freezer room, split type, supplied with all necessary mechanical and electrical fittings and equipment for quick and easy installation in the field.

Units are designed to operate from a mains supply of 400V/3/50Hz as standard or 220V/3/60Hz as an option, with a dual refrigeration unit, each refrigeration unit is sized to give 100% stand-by capacity designed to operate in a maximum ambient of 43°C. Units operating from a different mains supply than described above can be supplied as option, please confirm the power rating during the time of ordering.

The complete unit is also designed for installation in a housed area such as a warehouse in order to meet temperature design standards.

1.1 Specification details:
Prefabricated modular combined cold & freezer room complete with floor, wall and ceiling panels.

Refrigeration unit (WIC):
-uses CFC-free refrigerant gas R134a, compliant with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol.

Refrigeration unit (WIF):
-uses CFC-free refrigerant gas R452a, compliant with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol.

Both Refrigeration units:
-have an automatic duty sharing with a time relay to balance their wear-is fitted with run-hour meters.
-with sealants for air tightening the cut outs between pipes and wall panel.
-refrigeration system shall be complete with copper tubing, electrical cabling and necessary fittings to cover a distance of 20 meters between condensers and the evaporators.

Temperature control:
The thermostat is calibrated to ITS-90 and accuracy is ± 0.1°C.
Internal temperature (WIC): +2°C to +8°C, adjustable.
Internal temperature (WIF): -20°C

Panel Insulation:
Foam blowing agent with low GWP: N-Pentane
Insulation thickness (WIC&WIF): 120 mm with U-value of 0.17 W/m2K

Wall and roof panel construction:
Panels are self-supporting zinc coated steel sheet with antimicrobial powder coating "Smart Protec" on all surfaces.

Floor construction:
Top of floor panel is coated with hard-wearing non-slip finish.

Door construction:
Opening width: 800mm
Opening height: 2000mm
With heavy duty hinges and lock with internal safety release.
An internal plastic strip curtain.

Free-standing aluminum shelving with perforated plastic inserts.
Shelves have 500 mm depth, 5 levels.

Room is equipped with low-energy LED luminaires with an external switch and pilot light.

Alarm System:
A mains-operated audible and visible alarm in the event of mains failure or when room temperatures are outside set limits.

A gas pressure thermometer with capillary tube & reversible flange, complying with PQS E006/TH02.

Voltage Stabilizer:
Bundled with a voltage stabilizer suitable for the freezer room power requirement.

Remote Temperature Monitoring System (Optional):
Remote Temperature Monitoring System RTMS – Optional/ to be supplied upon request.

Overall dimensions:
Individual components will be able to fit through an 800mm wide door opening (with the door leaf removed if necessary).

To be covered by a 2-year warranty in the event of any component failure arising from defective design, materials or workmanship.

Assembly, operation, technical drawings, wiring diagrams, maintenance and repair manuals in English shall be provided. Upon request, instructions shall be in one of the UN languages most appropriate to the installation site: Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian or Spanish.

Shipping Information:
Estimated shipping weight: 3740 Kg
Estimated Shipping volume: 26 m3

Material safety data sheet information (MSDS):
UN Code: UN3159
Danger Class: 2.2
Packing instruction: P200
Instructions: T50
Proper shipping name: Tetrafluoroethane; refrigerant gas R134A

UN Code: UN1078
Danger Class: 2.2
Packing instruction: P200
Instructions: T50
Proper shipping name: Refrigerant gas, n.o.s.* (contains R125, R32 and R1234yf)

Useful links:
1-Cold Chain Support Package: https://www.unicef.org/supply/cold-chain-technical-support
2-Supply Catalogue: https://supply.unicef.org/all-materials/cold-chain-e quipment/cold-freezer-rooms.html
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