SDD Ref. Aucma MetaFridge CFD50 E003/098

Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator for Storage of Vaccines
SDD Ref. Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD E003/098
Ambient operating temperature: Min. +10°C, Max. +43°C
Net vaccine storage volume: 50 L
Supplied as a complete plug & play solar system including a temperature monitoring device.
Supplied with voltage regulator and temperature monitoring device.
Indicative Price 2,600.00 USD

Technical Guidance:
Contact UNICEF Supply Division, HTC, Cold Chain Unit for technical questions. CPHHQ-SD-Cold Chain Unit: sd.coldchain@unicef.org

General Description:
Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator for Storage of Vaccine
Model: Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD
PQS ref. E003/098

Technical specifications:
A complete stand-alone SDD refrigerator with all necessary components and fittings (Plug and Play).

Refrigerator cabinet:
Net vaccine storage volume: 50 liters
Refrigerant type: R600a
Ambient operating temperature: Min. +10°C, Max. +43°C
Freeze Protection: Grade A

Solar Power System:
Shall match the refrigerator power consumption, climate, ambient temperatures and solar radiation reference source of 3.5KWh/m2/24 hours.
Country of origin for solar panels; China.

Supplied with:
1.Temperature Monitoring Device: Equipped with an integrated, self-developed 30DTR complying with the PQS specification E006/TR06.3.
2.Push-button power switch, accessible to the user, is provided on the appliance that isolates refrigerator from the solar power system.
3.10 fuses of each type are included.
4.Lid with lock, plus 2 keys and 3 baskets.

User, Installation and Technician’s manual supplied in English and French or Spanish as a standard.

Shipping Information:
Packaging and labelling;
Refrigerator: wooden pallet + double-wall corrugated paper
Solar system: wooden box.
Estimated shipping weight: 155 kg (combined weight refrigerator & solar array)
Estimated shipping volume: 1 m³ (combined volume refrigerator & solar array)

1.The product is covered by a two-year replacement warranty in the event of any component failure arising from defective design, materials or workmanship.
2.Solar module power output: Warranty of 25 years to 80% of initial power rating.

1.In case of any import restrictions regarding country of manufacture, CO should contact SD and confirm solar panel, country of origin.
2.Manuals in other UN languages are available upon request.
3.A label, displaying vaccine storage advice & user instructions with pictures is permanently mounted on cabinet lid.
4.One set of spare parts is recommended but not compulsory for every 10 units of SDDs.
5.A Basic Installation Toolkit is available on request. (For contents of the toolkit, see supply web catalogue.)
6.Maintenance tool kits are available on request. (For contents of the toolkit, see supply web catalogue.)
7.Further information for comparable products, can be obtained from CPHHQ-SD-Cold Chain Unit < sd.coldchain@unicef.org >.

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1.Cold Chain Support Package:

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