Sollatek VoltStab 1kVA 230V 1ph ExtRange

Sollatek 1kVA, 230V 50/60Hz, single phase, extended range Voltage Stabilizer designed to reduce fluctuations in input voltage for refrigerators or freezers.
Indicative Price 103.55 USD

1. General Description
Sollatek 1kVA, 230V 50/60Hz, single phase, extended range Voltage Stabilizer Sollatek SVS04-22E, 4A designed to reduce fluctuations in input voltage, and thereby ensure a stable electricity supply for refrigerators or freezers in situations where the mains voltage is subject to wide fluctuations.

2.WHO PQS References
WHO PQS Code: E007/004
PQS pre-qualification date: 31 May 2019
Specification: E007/VS01.5
Product verification protocol: E007/VS01-VP.5

3.Technical Specifications

3.1 Performance
Nominal Output Voltage: 230V (+/- 10%), 50/60Hz
Operating Input Voltage Range: 100-290V
Input Frequency Fluctuation Range: 47/75Hz

3.2 Features
1.Surge and spike suppression (Nominal Discharge Current: 6.5kA)
2.Overload, over-temperature and short circuit protection, with on-delay feature.
3.The device switches to 0V at the limits of the input fluctuation range. The output supply is restored automatically after a delay of three to six minutes.

3.3 Capacity rating
The device is rated at a minimum of 1kVA peak load.

3.4 Construction
1.Full out/input voltage indicators and LED status indicators are positioned on the front or top of the unit.
2.Plastic casing.
3.Protection against dust and water ingress: IP21 rating or better
4.The device is equipped with one Schuko type output socket.
5.The device is supplied with a power lead of minimum 1.5m length, with a Schuko type sealed-on plug.

The product is to be covered by a two-year replacement warranty in the event of any component failure arising from defective design, materials or workmanship.

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