Sagar VoltStab 20kVA 230/400V 3ph

Sagar 20 kVA, 230/400V 50Hz, three phase Voltage stabilizer designed to
reduce fluctuations in input voltage for cold rooms or freezer rooms.
Indicative Price 1,510.00 USD
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1.General Description:
Sagar Electrogard 20 kVA, 230/400V 50Hz, three phase Voltage Stabilizer SVS-20K-TP is designed to reduce fluctuations in input voltage, and to thereby ensure a stable electricity supply for cold rooms or freezer rooms in situations where the mains voltage is subject to wide fluctuations.

Units operating from a mains supply of 220V/3/60Hz ±5% are available upon request. Please confirm the power rating during the time of ordering for this option.

2.Technical Specifications:

2.1 Performance
Nominal Output Voltage:
Phase to Phase: 400V (+/- 2% max.), 50Hz.
Phase to Neutral: 230V (+/- 2% max.), 50Hz.

Operating Input Voltage Ranges:
Phase to Phase 280-450V AC
Phase to Neutral 170-260V AC
Input Frequency Fluctuation Range: 50 Hz (+/- 5%)

2.2 Features
1.Input and output circuit breakers
2.In-built manual bypass switch
3.Type 2 surge suppression
4.Phase unbalance protection (maximum 2%)
5.Overload, over-temperature and short circuit protection, with on-delay feature
6.The device switches to 0V at the limits of the input fluctuation range. The output supply is restored automatically after a delay of three to six minutes.

2.3 Capacity rating
The device is rated at a minimum of 20kVA peak load.

2.4 Construction
1.Full out/input voltage indicators and LED status indicators are positioned on the front or top of the unit.
2.Galvanized steel casing with exterior surface powder/paint coated, on castors.
3.Protection against dust and water ingress: IP21 rating or better.
4.Direct or strip wire connectors.

2.5 Cabling
Each voltage stabilizer supplied with the following cabling:
1.Length: 20 meters
2.Construction: Plain annealed copper conductor, PVC Insulated, PVC Sheathed, Single core cable
3.Size: Copper 1 x 4.0mm

The product is to be covered by a two-year replacement warranty in the event of any component failure arising from defective design, materials or workmanship.

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