Spare set per ten TCW120SDD E003/124

Set of Spare Parts, recommended per 10 units of​ ​​​​ TCW120SDD E003/124
Indicative Price 516.07 USD
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General description
Set of Spare Parts, recommended per 10 units of TCW120SDD E003/124
1 No. 296.9702.09 Compressor
1 No. 296.9769.91 Electronic control unit display
1 No. 296.9768.69 Electronic thermostat/controller
1 No. 296.0945.04 Dryer
1 No. 296.9705.32 Starting relay
1 No. 292.9960.13 Fan
1 No. 296.9805.06 Sensor NTC

​1- One set of spare parts is recommended but not compulsory for every 10 units of refrigerators.
​2- For Technical Guidance: Contact with UNICEF Supply Division, Immunization Technology Center, Cold Chain Unit. CPHHQ-SD-Cold Chain Unit < coldchainunit@unicef.org >

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