Genset,diesel,air cooled,20kVA 60Hz

Environmental sustainability is part of UNICEF’s core values, and we are committed to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. We strongly encourage you to consider sustainable power generating solutions as an alternative to diesel generators.
Indicative Price 8,789.92 USD
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An open 20 kVA, 60 Hz air cooled diesel generator set including diesel engine, alternator, control panel, starting equipment, fuel tank and all other accessories for autonomous operation.
Factory test is produced for any ordered units and all generators are in accordance with international standards.
NB: The generator comes standard as an open set. Weather and soundproof canopy and other optional items should be ordered separately, please refer to the dedicated section below, “Optional items”.

Rated Power and generator details
20 kVA, 16 kW, 220 V Phase to Phase, 127 V Phase to neutral, 3 phase, 60 Hz

Air cooled, with synchronous speed up to 1800 rpm

Indicative weight, volume and lead time for 1 generator:
- 1230 kg
- 5.3 m3
- Minimum lead time of 4 weeks.

1.The ratings above are at (NTP) Normal Temperature and Pressure.
2.Power factor (Cos. = 0.8)
3.Quoted output ratings are Prime power in accordance with ISO8528 e.g. power available at variable load with no limitation on hours of operation and capable of 10% overload for 1 hour in any 12 hours.

Ambient conditions:
·No deration up to 1000 Meter altitude
·Average year temperature 30 deg. Centigrade
·Average 24 hours’ temperature 30 deg. Centigrade
·Minimum temperature -10 deg. Centigrade
·Maximum temperature 50 deg. Centigrade

Generator comes with the following included accessories:
·Spare parts catalogues, drawings and information concerning the foundation, erection requirements, electrical connections to load and earth, etc. all in English
·Tools kit including pipe spanners for injector's etc.
·Spare parts for 2000 hours of operation in the first two years as recommended by the engine manufacturers a minimum and including: oil filter, air filter cartridges, full sets of v-belts and 1 full set of cylinder head gaskets) please specify quantities
·Full set of replacement switches/ sensors for detection of fatal parameters (low oil pressure, high engine temperature, belt failure etc.)

Useful link:
For UNICEF internal: product is available on DO LTA .

Optional items, to be ordered separately using dedicated material number:
·S0005480 - AMF (Automatic Mains Failure panel) for diesel generator set
·S0005481 - Auto transfer switch (ATS) mounted and wired
·S0005489 - Manual Changeover Switch w/positions for: “MAINS”-” OFF”-” GENERATOR” (Does not apply to 5 kVA and 8 kVA generators).
·S0005482 - Mounting of generator in sound attenuated and weatherproof canopy (max. 70dBA at 7m).
·S0005486 - Additional external fuel tank (min. 8 hours’ operation at rated capacity).
·S0005496 - Accessory kit for connecting the generator to an auxiliary fuel tank, including 20m of adequate hose.
·S0005487 - Trailer mounting (where practical) suitable for highway (road legal) and fitted with brakes and full lighting system.
·S0005497 - Cold-starting equipment for diesel generators installed in countries with winter climate
·S0005483 - Earth connection comprising low resistance rod(s), terminals, cables etc.
·S0005485 - Manuals in languages other than English.
NB: Please note that the prices highlighted below are maximum prices of the accessories based on the highest available generator rating (500 kVA). Price will vary depending on the generator’s rating, please refer to the DO LTAs and related guidance note for accessory prices. Some accessories such as the canopy or the cold starting equipment cannot be procured separately and must be ordered together with a generator via the same PO.
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