​​PV System, 1.5 KW off grid (1P)​

1.5 kW (1.8 kWp) Modular Solar System

With multiple LTA holders for solar systems in different regions, the indicated pricing is based on a median and hence actual pricing will be confirmed only at time of ordering. The indicated price is based on a ground mount structure
Indicative Price 4,993.00 USD
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General description:
Modular 1.5 kW Solar System. The system includes solar modules, inverters, energy storage (based on lithium batteries), mounting structure, communication system, electrical protections and all other electrical and mechanical component to make the system fully operational.

The batteries, the electric and electronic components are into a cabinet/enclosure that could be placed in or outdoor.

Technical specification:
Solar Array: 1875 Wp
Inverter: 1.5 kW
Battery: 3.75 kWh

Solar modules:
Type: Monocrystalline
Efficiency: ≥ 20% @STC
Product warranty: ≥ 10 years
Power warranty: 1st year ≤ 2,5%;
from year 2 to 25 ≤ 0,7% per year
Power tolerance: Only positive
Certification compliance: IEC 61215 & IEC 6173
IEC 61701IEC 61716
Connectors: MC4
J Box: IP66 or higher

Efficiency: ≥ 92
Product warranty: ≥ 5 years
Harmonic distortion: ≤ 3%
Certification compliance:IEC 62109 –1 –
IEC 61000
IEC 61683
Type: Lithium base
Life/cycles: ≥ 5000cycles @ 90% DOD
Warranty: ≥ 5 years.
Certification compliance:IEC 62619
UN 38.3
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