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Slow Moving spare parts for TARA Direct Action (lowlift) hand pump
Indicative Price 510.00 USD
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General Description:
Slow Moving spare parts for TARA Direct Action (lowlift) hand pump.

Technical Specifications:
Major and Slow Moving spare parts for TARA Direct Action (lowlift) hand pump, (as per SKAT/RWSN Specifications Edition 2005 and as per IS:14106 (with latest amendments)), as per below:

NOTE: It is possible to place orders either for the complete kit, or for a customized kit from below list of spare parts:

10 x Handle rubber cushion - top
10 x Handle rubber cushion - bottom
2 x Rubber grommet
5 x Top rod assembly with top connector
5 x Piston rod without piston assembly
5 x Pump rod assembly with threaded coupler (42mm OD x 2.5mm wall x 3m long)
5 x Foot valve assembly complete with guide assembly
5 x Piston assembly with grapple
10 x HDPE top guide bush
40 x Check nut (M12 x 1.75) S.S.
40 x Rubber flap valve for foot valve
40 x Rubber flap valve for piston valve
40 x "O" ring for foot valve
20 x Cup seal (nitrile rubber)
20 x SS washer for piston
20 x SS check nut for foot valve assembly M-6
40 x Bolts M12 x 40
20 x Handle retainer
50 x Top end connector
20 x Piston plate
20 x Piston follower plate
80 x Rubber seat
80 x MS electro-galvanized check nut M12
2 x Handle assembly (fabricated portion and cushion)

Packaging and labeling:
The set packaging depends on the shipment type.
At a minimum, as per Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, Recommended Packaging Procedure.

Shipping Details:
Sea shipment: Wooden crate packing.
Air shipment: Corrugated cardboard.

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