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Portable, Water Quality Test Kit for Microbiological testing in the field. Single Incubator with temperature adjustment for Total or Faecal Coliform detection. With filtration kit and start-up consumables for 300 tests.
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General Description
Portable, Water Quality Test Kit for Microbiological testing in the field. Single Incubator with temperature adjustment for Total or Faecal Coliform detection. With filtration kit and start-up consumables for 300 tests.

Technical specifications:
Portable, Water Quality Test Kit for Micro-bacteriological testing in the field. Single Incubator capable of temperature adjustment for incubation in view of Total Coliform or Faecal Coliform detection. The kit is including a complete filtration kit and start-up consumables for 300 tests
This robust and advanced kit is designed to test water quality in the lab or in the Field.

It is to be noted that this kit does not contain any components for Physico-Chemical testing.

This Microbiological Portable field water laboratory is composed of the following:

Microbiological Test Kit:
Portable single Incubator, able to be operated separately for the incubation at either 37°C for Total Coliform or 44°C for Faecal Coliform.

The compartment can accommodate approximately between 16 and 25 slim fit Aluminium Petri dishes (minimum 16), supplied with a total of around 50 re-useable Aluminium Petri Dishes which are as standard in Petri Dish Racks or equivalent for easy compartment loading.

The temperatures are preferably displayed on a LCD with an indication for low battery. The incubator has a timer facility that logs the incubation period in case of power failure.

The incubator can be run from internal rechargeable battery,
110/220 V mains or 12 V DC supply such as vehicle battery/ Dash-board Cigarette lighter. The Battery may be separate from the incubator for easy replacement, but to be stored inside the carrying case
If the mains supply fails, the internal battery automatically switches on. Supplied with all necessary electrical leads & crocodile dips etc.
The battery can run minimum 5 incubation cycles between recharges, and be fully recharged within 2 days.
Solar power packs might be available for recharging the internal battery (not included, to be dealt with as separate option if required).

The incubator kit includes a membrane filtration unit using 0.45 um pore size membrane filter (as appropriate complete with Collection Flask, Sampling Cup and Land Line plus Bronze Disc, Gaskets and O-Rings, as well as a Vacuum Pump preferably with pistol grip, etc.), a set of accessories for the proper handling of the tests such as a pad dispenser, tweezers, dropping pipettes, plastic bottles, hand lens, lighter, pen, screwdriver, lubrication grease, a spirit thermometer (-10 to +50ºC x 0.5ºC) etc.

The incubator is supplied with sufficient membranes, pads and media to carry out 300 tests (see below).

The Incubator is supplied with Consumables for at least 300 Microbiological tests (Gridded Membrane filters and growth Pads, Pad dispenser and culture medium 38.1g Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth tube).

All come complete with full Operating Instructions and Water Quality Report Sheets within the kit. Languages will be in English/French and as appropriate for the receiving countries.

Kit Packaging:
All the above laboratory components are housed in one protective, robust, rigid, durable, lightweight, hinged and lockable Polypropylene (or equivalent sturdy e.g. Aluminium material) Carrying Case with handle. The case shall be conceived with water proof materials and to be water proof when positioned normally on a wet ground.

The driving reason for this separate Incubator kit is to potentially allow for adapted combinations with end user location determined different test kit types.

Accessories/Spare parts/Consumables:
If required, the following items should be ordered separately:
Additional consumables (membranes, pads and media) for future use. Available in consumable kits for 200 tests or for 1000 tests. Related products:
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Instructions for use (Items required, but not supplied):
The following items which are not included in the package must be provided to start the microbiological tests:
Pressure cooker or portable sterilizer or access to an autoclave (e.g. in a nearby hospital or laboratory).
Methanol (at least 1-2 ml. per test)
Distilled water
Measuring cylinder or a beaker

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