Handpump,SDWP,INDIA MKII, SS-Riser,32ND

Riser pipe, stainless steel, 32 mm nominal diameter, 3 meters length, for SDWP/EDWP Hand pump, INDIA MARK II type, supplied in set with SS connecting rod.
Indicative Price 69.00 USD
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General Description:
Riser pipe, stainless steel, 32mm nominal diameter, 3 meters length, for SDWP/EDWP Hand pump, INDIA MARK II type, supplied in set with SS connecting rod.

Technical Specifications:
Riser pipe, made of AISI 304 stainless steel conforming to
ISO 2037, BIS:6603 Gr4 CrNi 18 10, or equivalent standard.
Nominal diameter 32mm (1"1/4),
both ends male threaded as per ISO 7, one end fitted with one female threaded coupling as per ISO 2853, the other end protected with a HDPE thread protector covering the entire length of the thread.
In length of 3 metres.
Nominal diameter: 32mm.

Each riser pipe comes complete with:
One Connecting Rod,
made of Stainless Steel AISI 304 grade (BIS:6603 Gr4 CrNi 18 10), with M12 rolled male thread at one end, and M12 SS female threaded coupling welded at the other end (Option B SKAT-RWSN Afridev Rev. 5-2007).
SS Rod Diameter: 10.8mm,
Length of 3 meters (+10/-0mm).

One rod centralizer made of nitrile rubber or similar.
Nominal diameter: 32mm.

The Riser Pipe is supplied with:
- 1 x 3 meters SS connecting rod.
- 1 x hemp, 0.2 kg hank, for 100 riser pipes.
- 1 x tubes of alimentary grease for connecting rods.
- 1 x centralizer riser pipe.

Packaging and labelling:
The pipes are packed in steel strapped half ton bundles.

Estimated weight: 11kg
Estimated volume: 3.5cdm

Instructions for use:
The riser pipe is used as rising mains for use in corrosive water to fit India Mark II extra-deep well hand pumps (UNICEF material codes S0009185, S0009186, and S0009187).
This type of riser pipe should be used when water is too acidic for galvanised mild steel pipes.
Furthermore, stainless steel riser pipes should be used at installation depths exceeding 45 metres.
For shallower installation depths, U-PVC riser pipes are preferred, as they are less costly.

Field offices must specify the borehole minimum diameter at time of ordering in order to enable the supplier to correctly select the appropriate riser pipe centraliser.
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