Squatting plate,plastic,80x60cm

Plastic squatting plate for emergency situations, 80cm x 60cm, 40 squatting plates can be packed on standard Euro pallets (80cm x 120cm), to a height of 1.0m, and shrink wrapped
Indicative Price 27.03 USD

General Description:
Squatting plate, plastic, 80cm x 60cm

NOTE: This item is a non-stock item. For emergency orders, please refer to the double size emergency item S5007335.

Technical Specifications:
Squatting plate made of high quality virgin polypropylene, resistant to chemicals, urine, and faeces.
With rigid honeycomb construction strong enough to stand alone; smooth slopping surfaces for easy cleaning;
Elevated foot rests; Drop-hole dimensions carefully selected taking into consideration safety of small children using the latrine.
The squatting plate is supplied with a tight fitting drop-hole cover with handle.

Overall dimensions 80cm x 60cm, depth around 65mm.

Shipping details:
40 squatting plates could be packed on a standard Euro pallet (80 x 120 cm), to a height of 1.0 m, and shrink wrapped.
1 x 20' = 750 pcs
1 x 40' = 1800 pcs

Instructions for use:
Intended for human excreta management in emergency situations.

This is a basic unit for rapid response to emergency only, it is therefore advisable that a more permanent and sustainable solution be found at local level for the medium to long term.
It is also recommended that a system be established to maintain good hygiene of the latrine unit and surrounding area; this may be done on a daily basis by the affected population.

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